Adoption Process

***Application donation fee for puppies (Under 1 year old), English Bulldogs, and French Bulldogs is $20 effective 1/22/2021***

1. Please read all of the posted information on the dog, be sure to check the status of that dog before applying.

Status Descriptions

*Decompression period started" means that the dog has just arrived and is going through a standard two week decompression before we will be able to answer too many indepth questions about the dog. We do not accept applications at this time.

* "Accepting Applications" means that we are accepting applications for adoption for that dog.

* "Fostered To Adopt" means that the dog is currently in a foster home, one that is scheduled to adopt the dog. If something changes the dog will change to "Accepting Applications".

* "No Longer Accepting Applications" means that we have cut off applications and are starting the review process. If an application was submitted in the appropriate manner, you will hear from us either way.

* "Pending Adoption" means that a family has been selected and an adoption date is set up or will be set up pending a possible spay/neuter.

2. Applications can be found utilizing the "Adoptables" page and by clicking any of the "Adopt Me" buttons. 

3. Once we review your application we will follow up via a phone call if everything was provided accurately. This call will allow us to ask follow up questions and provide further details on that dog. (Behavior/Medical)

4. Following a phone call, a home check or video walk through of the home/yard area will be completed.

5. At this point we choose one family at a time to move forward with. We want every adoption to be the perfect fit, not just for you but the dog as well.

6. After we select a family we will begin all of the reference checks for that family.

7. Once this is completed and everything checks out we will move forward with that family to set up a meet and greet(s). If you are applying from out of state you must be willing to travel to meet the dog. We do NOT ship any dogs.

8. If all these steps are successful, we will move forward in the completion of the adoption process. If not, we will move to another appropriate applicant.