Our Objectives

Provide a better quality of life to Bulldogs that are left abandoned, abused, surrendered, or being neglected.

Our focus is on the Bulldog breeds while still assisting the other bully breeds in need of immediate help.

* Included in these breeds are Mastiffs, Boxers, and Boston Terriers.

Protect our dogs from negative experiences from shelter environments while using a foster care system to create positive experiences.

Provide appropriate vet care to our animals.

Reduce the rate of unwanted dogs through spay & neuter practices.

Reduce the rate of unwarranted euthanasia by helping the less desired dogs.

Provide appropriate behavioral training if needed.

Promote responsible pet ownership by microchipping and requiring new owners to provide ID tags.

Educate the public and new owners on licensing their dog.

Educate the public and new owners about Bulldog/bully breeds to include but not limited to temperament, training techniques, and common medical conditions