About Us

Here at East Coast Bulldog Rescue Inc, we see the value in every Bulldog. Founded by Brittany Dare, an avid animal lover, who took a special interest in the Bulldog breed. Brittany identified a need to advocate for Bulldogs who would otherwise have no voice. Brittany's goals are to rescue Bulldogs who have been abandoned, abused, surrendered, or neglected. Through our no-kill, foster care system, we are driven to find homes for Bulldogs who would otherwise be inappropriately cared for or euthanized. A few of these reasons are due to limited space, old age, and medical aliments along with other various causes.


Our Inspiration

Brittany Dare, Founder of East Coast Bulldog Rescue, identified the need to help Bulldogs when she met what was about to be the fourth addition to her four legged family. While on vacation Brittany and her husband went to meet "Candy". The woman at the rescue seemed more than surprised that Brittany wanted to see this dog. This might be cliche but it was love at first sight when they walked up to her outdoor cage in the 100 degree South Carolina heat as tears fell from her face. The woman began to give Brittany and her husband information on the Bulldog but Brittany wanted to take her into the play area. The woman agreed and moved the Bulldog into the pen while continuing to give them some history. Brittany and her husband learned that "Candy" had been abandoned and left to fend for herself. That wasn't all though, she also had a very aggressive form of Hemangiosarcoma. Even though the cancer was removed and the margins were clean it would be what ends her life at the end of the day. After the visit, Brittany and her husband had numerous conversations about how they wanted to spoil her till the end and didn't want her to spend her last days in a cage.

Fast forward, Belle traveled from South Carolina to Pennsylvania and was spoiled rotten ever since. She loved ice cream, playing alongside her 2 brothers and sister, and sleeping in her humans bed. Unfortunately, after 3.5 months Belle was put to rest on September 13, 2019. Brittany rescued Belle knowing that she was only being given 170 days to live but in Brittany's eyes that was 170 days ( maybe more) to live it up!

Her memory will live on through the work that is done through East Coast Bulldog Rescue.


Our Vision

To ensure the well-being of companion animals, while ending overpopulation, abuse and unwarranted euthanasia.